Harrisburg’s Best Floor Cleaning

Complete Floor Care offers the highest quality carpet cleaning service to extend the life of your carpet, and to keep your home looking like new! Fitted with the latest in deep-cleaning technology, Complete Floor Care’s leading floor care experts can safely and effectively remove even the deepest stains and dirt in any home. Because every carpet and stain is unique, Complete Floor Care offers a wide array of cleaning options to fit every need. These options include traditional solutions like steam cleaning or rotary extraction; hot water and shampoo extraction for deeper stains; as well as low moisture encapsulation and bonnet/pad cleaning, which use less water and dry quicker than traditional carpet cleaning methods. Going beyond simply cleaning your carpets, our floor care experts also offer Scotchgard Carpet Protector to assist in your everyday carpet care. Choosing Scotchgard protection extends the life of your flooring by resisting stains, dirt, and debris, resulting in a better looking, longer lasting carpet. So, whatever your carpet cleaning or protection need, Complete Floor Care truly can clean it all!

Reliable Upholstery Cleaning

Every homeowner knows that life, pets, and children all take their toll on your furniture and upholstery. Even with general vacuuming and maintenance, new upholstery can quickly lose its vibrance and become worn, stained, and soiled. However, Complete Floor Care’s reliable upholstery cleaning can help make your favorite furniture look like new again! Using a wide selection of safe, effective solutions for every upholstery issue, Complete Floor Care makes sure to treat your furniture with the care it deserves. Our cleaning and protection services offer you the best, stress-free alternative to the typical, ongoing care that upholstery demands.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Over time, tile and grout gradually attracts soil and stains, giving an aged appearance to your home. Let Complete Floor Care turn back the clock on your ceramic tile floor and bring youth back to your home! Our experienced team of tile and grout cleaning experts can take on even the oldest, toughest stains in any room of your house. Complete Floor Care’s highest priority is always to exceed your expectations, so we make sure to only use the best, most effective cleaning solutions for your unique tile and grout. And, when our work is complete, our technicians always take the time to ensure that no cleaning materials are left behind. Trust Complete Floor Care to bring life back to your tile floors!

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